Thursday, June 11, 2009


been back blogging for some weeks now, and still i enjoy doing these posts..

i just woke up from a long afternoon nap, if that can still be considered as a nap.. i played a bit of Grand Chase yester-night until 2AM,. but instead of sleeping at that moment i stopped, i opened my Mr. Mozilla and read some blog.. got me hooked up so i was up until 4.. can't stop myself from surfing too much.. DX..

i was peacefully sleeping 10 in the morning when my sis woke me up and told me to drive my other sis somewhere.. i got my ass up but not my head.. headache cause of blogging again.. XD..

we got there around 11 or something.. my sis went to the office to get something and i stayed at the car.. guess what.. some lady street sweepers started to fight.. i was thoroughly entertained.. XD.. it's about Melchor, who concubinates with Vilma and gives her 300 pesos everyday under the tree near the municipality.. LOL..

anyway, the reason i blogged today is so that i can evaluate my life as blogger for a few weeks.. found the advantages and disadvantage by reading other blogs and analyzing how much blogging affects their lifestyle.. here's what i've come up with..

BLOGGING IS A GREAT WAY TO EXPRESS HOW YOU FEEL. When you got no one to talk to, turn the freakin' laptop and start talking.

BLOGGING IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST WAY TO EXPRESS HOW YOU FEEL. A blog is originally conceptualized as a type of website, usually maintained by an individual or a group with regular entries and posts. Now, it can also be considered as an online diary for other people. It's good, BUT TO THE EXTENT OF USING YOUR BLOG TO START A FIGHT WITH PEOPLE WHOM YOU KNOW PERSONALLY AND TALK AT THEIR BACKS IS SHEER MADNESS. yeah you can write anything on your blog, but remember that the best way to settle a commotion is by talking face to face with the person your not in good terms with..

that's it for now.. we're done with lesson number one.. LOL.. this is just my view from an idealistic-but-realistic(ironic eh?) perspective, so you're free to oppose.. XD

btw, i'm not bragging on how radical i think.. i am blogging on what i am learning.. =']



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