Saturday, June 27, 2009


"Warriors of the night, assemble!"

"For the Lich King.."

"Monster kill!"

who plays DotA? or should i say who doesn't play DotA? XD

for those who don't know anything about it, Defense of the Ancients is a custom map, yes, just a custom map, for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.. it's fun, i swear.. and it is extremely addicting , so be ready to spank yourself if you'll ever try the game.. XD..

i haven't played with my friends for a long time, so i'm getting all rusty now.. a new map has been released and i don't get the chance to play it with other players.. no AI maps too so i'll be much left out with new strategies.. DX..

favorite hero? here are my most frequently used heroes..


the first hero i played, and also the first one where i pwned.. XD.. i did 17 kills with this one on a 5on5 fight, and my bloodstone's charge was 12.. XD.. i was a noob compared to my friends that time LOL.. XD.. played alone against 3 insane AI+ and never lost LOL.. never tried against 5, but i think it won't be that hard as long as there are no mana burners..


very hard to use early in the game.. pwns when you get your core items..


easy to use.. this is imba against agis i guess.. jmo..

Treant Protector

useful in mid to late parts of the game.. doesn't do bad at the start either.,.

Dragon Knight

the first melee character i thought i was great with LOL.. easy to use strength hero..

i also like Magina, Mortred, Invoker, Traxex, Yurnero, Leshrac, Luna, Kardel, Razor(the old one, very easy to use) and Windrunner..

i would love to know who are your fave heroes.. comment it to me if you like.. =']



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