Wednesday, May 27, 2009


WARNING.. wordy post..

now let's have susan boyle in my blog! whooo.. bet you know her too.. if not, then here's a link from youtube,..

Susan Boyle, Britain's Got Talent

1:23-25.. bitch.. i bet she felt stupid after she heard her sing..

1:54, the girl's like "omg, i'm feeling nervous for her..".. XD

4:00-03.. simon falls in love with susan.. LOL..

5:16.. amanda's right, that's the biggest wake up call ever.. agree? =']

6:40.. she's finally getting to her senses, and realize just how great she is..

lesson? the same old cliche-ic "don't judge a book by its cover".. susan's voice is really amazing, i bet she'll be useful in disney movies right? XD.. kidding aside, amanda's right again, people nowadays are too cynical.. it could be that in a generation where vanity is really a trend, people tend to be judgemental.. but still, it's somewhat disappointing, cause the natural fairness and equality that God designed is being messed up.. somewhere in the Matthew, i remember a verse saying something like, "you see the dust in other's eyes, but you don't notice a log in your eye!" something like that.. if you were able to at least read until this part of my post, then you probably understand thehere are my ideas with this..

girls are more cynical than guys.. i'm not saying this coz i'm a guy,. it's just that guys can talk about so many other things rather that talk about other people, that we don't easily develop the habit of judging people..

`you usually judge a person cause it's fun, like a laughing stock.. so you and your friends can have something to laugh at..

`you tend to judge someone to redirect people's attention to that person, so they get to see his/her flaws, not yours..

`you always see what's wrong with somebody, not that you're observant, it's simply because you're insecure with him/her..

`you judge somebody because you yourself is being misjudged by other people..

quite guilty with the laughing thingy.. DX.. i'm trying my best to restrain myself, doing good now i guess (compared from before)..

gonna blog again later.. lunch time.. =']


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