What Makes You Beautiful

You don't know you're beautiful, If only you saw what I can see, You'll understand why I want you so desperately, Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, You don't know, Oh oh, You don't know you're beautiful, Oh oh, That's what makes you beautiful

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's been a while now since my last post. I've tried to keep myself drowned in computer games and other stuffs so I could rid my brain from thinking too much. But why did I focused on computer games instead of blogging? Well, not much of a big thing. I just knew it that the moment I'd start blogging, it would be about me, big time.

I always thought of myself as someone matured enough to face rejection, loneliness, and other stuffs that usually makes people go "emo". And by emo, i didn't mean guys on skinny jeans and eyeliners. I meant the worse ones. The ones who think he/she is the most ill-fated creature in the universe. I always hated them. But after some twist of events, I think I understand how they feel, cause I myself felt the same thing. Feeling alone and stuff like that, being rejected, being taken for granted. Felt all of it. It doesn't change my view, still. I still hate them. Hate myself for being one. Yeah whatever. Put a sock on it.

I really don't want to be particular with why or who made me finally perceive that I am getting emotional. But sometimes, my mouth speaks beyond my ability to control it, and it relieves me a little. I hope and pray that she won't be able to read this, cause the least I can do for her now is shut up and free her from guilt.

Yah you've read right. Never told her I was hurting. Never told her that whenever I'm with her, my heart aches. Never told her that when she needs me, I feel taken for granted. Never told her that I was hoping we could be. Can't be helped I guess. It is my fault anyway. I was too idealistic and thought that we could be friends for now and make-out in the future when both of us are ready. When I was about to officially tell her how I feel, it was too late. I didn't get the chance, cause her "significant other" is with her that night. The look on my eyes were like, 'I want to tell you so bad I love you, but I can't, cause obviously something is happening between the two of you'. Only one of her friends noticed how gloomy i look and guessed correctly why.

If I want to move on, I need to disallow myself from seeing her. And it's not as easy as it looks. Whenever she asks me a favor, I can't decline. I want to, but I can't. I just can't. It won't matter if I have exams or reports the next day, I have to get to her and help her when she needs something or wanna go out somewhere.

At the climax of my emo-ing, I was able to write something, some sort of a song i guess?

You Caught My Heart

You weren't my first love
You weren't my first kiss
You found me with a heart broken
A heart who thought, he couldn't love again.

I didn't love you at first sight
I didn't care how much I've hurt you
But somehow things are change
You caught me off guard, and you made me feel that I could love again,

Is it me..
Or is it that every time I see you
You seem to glow brighter than before
Is it me..
Or is everything in you

Like a mouse on a trap
I risked my heart for a tiny chunk of happiness
And when I thought I got the price
It's when i learned..

I don't know how you do it
Every time I see you
I feel the love coming back
It was like..

You caught my heart...

It's not much, and it won't mean anything to anyone else cause I wrote this only for one person. If you could make it into a song then good. You'll take credit.

I started posting stuffs like this, so I guess while I'm still at it, my readers(if they are any), would have to bear seeing my face on my post and figure out what's my problem.

God bless..

Friday, August 14, 2009


Last night, we finally sang and played our way to victory with the concluded "Fire Exit's Anniversary Celebration". A friend of mine who is also a blogger made a post about our band and thought what he said to us is touching, LOL.. told him that i'll repost his post here at my blog.. Click here for the original post.

“Our Band, Our Bonding”

August 14, 2009

I hate music, but my friends love it, and I love my friends.

It has already been midterm week, but it doesn’t hinder us any. Matatalino kaya kami! In fact, apparently in the past few days, my friends and I have found time to do some corporate gimmick even! Nagpitasan kami ng kung anu-anong prutas tulad ng bayabas at guyabano. Nagpunta rin kami doon sa may palaisdaan para ihulog ako! Kumain kami nang kumain kina Dion, at doon ay naglaro kami ng playstation–nanalo naman ako for few times–I think 5 perfect victories in a row? We also had a fun movie marathon–eww! But most of all, we have just assembled the oddest , musical band one can’t ever imagine! [talagang kasali ako?]

And here come the band members, all oozing with such magnificent talents:

ROY[ako 'yan]:

**I’ve got the most dramatic role in the band. Why, I’m the “chimist”, silly! ( come on, the one who manipulates the chimes, idiot!) Super galing ko talaga, and I couldn’t agree more! Too bad I had a shock in the nerves just before the actual performance. It was so sad not to be able to show them what a real, talented “chimist” is made of! Anyway, in the end I have been one of the two, paid–that is, paid clappers at least. So true, the charge against me is magnificence, and I plead guilty to that offense! :)

APOLO[the lead _______]:

**Ewan ko ba kung anu tawag dun sa maingay na instrument n’ya, but he’s definitely good at it. Hindi n’ya lang alam na magaling talaga s’ya. Ayon na nga rin sa kanya, siya daw ang pinakapoging miyembro ng banda sumunod sa aken. No, serious! He’d been so devoted during the rehearsals, I must say. Talagang dedicated s’ya sa ginagawa n’ya. Another thumbs up to you, best bud! Cool.. (haha, inggit na naman si villena pag nabasa n’ya ‘to)

DION[the pianist and band leader by chance]:

**I’ve been so busy to be the band leader, you know. And I thank Dion for taking charge. Kidding aside, he’s an excellent pianist, as he must be a maverick in such a field. S’ya ang nag-train sa mga co-members n’ya sa band, of course with the help of that guy wearing eye-glasses: Mr. Tatararat, I guess? During the main event, Dion was also one of the masters of ceremony. Thanks pal, we couldn’t have done it without you! :)

KATRINA[the __________]:

**Wow, kasali ba talaga ko sa bandang ‘yan? Hindi rin kasi ako familiar sa instrument n’ya eh, haha. Pero magaling na rin kahit papaano, haha. Akalain mo, ‘di lang pala sa pambubuwisit magaling ang Neg**ng babaeng ‘to, pati pala sa music may “K” din! At eto pa, ‘di lang pala ang kulay n’ya ang buo, pati boses n’ya buung-buo rin! Just keep it up Kat, malay mo magkapag-asa ka pa sa akin! :)

MITCH[the newborn drummer]:

**’Wag ka! Hindi lang exams ang kaya n’yang i-perfect, pati beats sa drums yakang-yaka din! Who would have thought that this 4-foot girl has a talent so mindbendingly large that the world seems to tremble underfoot? (OA naman yata un description ko!) But what’s been more awe-striking was the fact that she mastered her instrument in no more than two weeks! I have this sneaking suspicion na na-inspire lang talaga s’ya dahil pinapaypayan ko s’ya during the practice! Hahahaha! :)

MANGY DOG[Maricel, the________]

**For the record, ‘di ko rin mawari kung ano ‘yung gamit n’ya. Gitara ba ‘yun or electric guitar? Either way, astigin pa rin s’ya! Akalain mong may talent ka pala, hahahah! Ni sa hinagap, hindi ko naisip na sanay ka palang mag-gitara! I’ve also seen her willingness to learn her instrument better. Pagpatuloy mo lang ‘yan, baka lalo kang magustuhan ni KO! hahah :)

JAMPOL[the vocalist]:

**Well, mabait naman ‘tong si jampol at mapagbigay. Besides, mabait naman talaga s’ya, not to mention mapagbigay. Hahahaha! Sa totoo lang, humanga talaga ko sa’yo lalo na nung malaman kong mahusay ka rin palang tumula! Hahahaha, joke lang! Emote kung emote has been his principle that night. I can tell it when he performs. Ganda nga pala ng damit natin ah?! hahaha :)

So that made up our very own band—oozing with so much talents! A band we call as “ROY AND THE BAND” band…hahahahahahahahahah!

Nevertheless, I would as well regard some other components that brought us to this 3-inch pedestal:

KELVIN PUNJA[the washer]:

**Hindi talaga s’ya nakapunta dahil sa di umano’y puspusan n’yang pagkukuskos ng marurumi n’yang damit! If I know, di mo naman talaga damit ‘yang mga ‘yan—upahan ka! Pero thank you na rin for having been there in the rehearsals, though.

STAR[the other clapper]:

**Ewan ko ba kung pasasalamatan kita or what?! Hindi ka naman kasi nagbayad ng entrance at food fees! Hahahaha, all the more na pumirma ka pa dun sa listahan na ‘yon! Tsk.. :)

Yet, every single ounce of our success will not be brought possible without God, Himself.

He alone is worthy!

All credits to the Author of Life!

Thank you Lord for making our then separate ways be one.

Thank you Lord for bestowing us these talents, as we all offer it to Your Majesty.

And more importantly…

Thank you Lord for giving me these people I call my BEST FRIENDS…

See you guys sa next FIRE EXIT event natin….


frm left to right: Me(pianist), Apollo(lead guitarist), Roy("chimist", according to him"), Maricel(rhythm), Katrina(bassist).

left to right: Mitch(drums), Roy, Apollo, Kelvin(supposed to do vocals), and Maricel..

My own view. Well. Mixed emotions. The practices, the problems we had, and the performance felt like high school, emotionally. I never thought i'd find a group in college that would come close to a group in high school. It was so much fun that we won't realize that it was already late and we didn't care if we'd get scolded at home. Never felt anything like that for a long time.

Roy's right, our band is our bonding. It made us more intact and solid as a group. Up to this point, I feel butterflies on my stomach. I'm still thrilled with what God made us do, and excited not only to our next performances, but to our practices and "corporate gimmicks" as well. Need not to say anything more.

God bless and to God be the Glory!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yey! To all fans of the Tekken Series, got great news for you.. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, will be released fourth quarter of 2009 on PSP! I've played it a few times in arcade, and it was really awesome. Great graphics, new characters, new moves, better sounds, and bunch of things you've never experienced in any other games.

Infos can be found at Tekkenpedia.

And also, it will feature the greatest number of characters in a Tekken game to date (approximately 40, which is 8 more than there was in Tekken 5)

Here are the two newest character.

Alissa Boskonovitch

Story and images from Tekkenpedia:

"Deep within a lush and thriving forest lies a heavily defended research facility. This facility was a research institute named after its director, Bosconovitch. This facility was very important, as it was here that the Mishima Financial Group's most sensitive military equipment was developed.

Located at the core of the research center was a room that kept its most prized possession: a clear capsule, in which a young girl slept soundly. Her name: Alisa Bosconovitch.

...what in the hell is she?"

Lars Alexanderson

Story from images Tekkenpedia:

"As the Mishima Financial Group (MFG) waged war on the world, its illustrious corps, the Tekken Force, began its worldwide coup d'etat. However, G Corporation's rose up and opposed their forces, resulting in intense conflicts the world over.

The mastermind behind the coup d'etat was none other than Lars Alexandersson.

Lars is a young, charismatic Tekken Force officer with unmatched physical ability and intellect. Even after his promotion, he continued to place himself in the thick of battle. His military prowess and openheartedness have made him popular among his subordinates.

Lars is a descendant and also a son of Heihachi Mishima, and no one, aside from Lars himself, knows this fact. Not even his father... "

Tried Alissa already, she was cool and easy to use. Never tried Lars, but I so want to. I just didn't get the chance to play as him cause I'm up against veteran players of Quantum when i played, and I can't take the chance on a character I do not know.

To all Tekkenist out there, I occasionally play at Quantum in SM North EDSA. See yah!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


She was the first female president of the Philippines..

She fought her way to democracy..

She was a woman of strong faith in God..

She sacrificed a lot for the sake of many..

And now, as she leaves the world to live a new life with God Almighty, thousands of Filipinos, or even millions of them, felt the loss of once a stronghold of freedom and democracy. An epitome of a tough and selfless Filipina, Cory founded a tiny fragment of hope and rekindled its fire to burn the most subversive government.

Yesterday, August 4, 2009, the necrological service for Cory Aquino was held at the Manila Cathedral. With over 20 people who shared their story on how Cory became a mother, an inspiration, and a friend to them, it is needless to say that she lived a good life. One of the most touching speeches is from her former close-in security aide, Mel Mamaril. Whereas after his speech, he saluted his former boss' casket. Kris Aquino, Cory's youngest child, cried intensely during Mel's eulogy.

Today, August 5, 2009, Cory will finally be laid to rest on Manila Memorial Park. It was declared a non-working holiday, as a sign of respect to the woman who brought the Filipinos to the land of freedom. It is by her works that we are where we are now, free from dictatorship, and embraced by democracy.

To the great Maria Corazon Aquino, your legacy will live forever in the hearts of every Filipino. A long time ago, you fought a good fight. And today, I say that every Filipino will agree that to me you lived a good life. To the family and friends of Cory Aquino, and to everyone who felt her loss, I pray that God will give us all the strength and the heart of a true Filipino that once she had.

God bless.