Sunday, December 26, 2010


Nine months ago, a good friend of mine and I had a share of movies and anime series we liked. She told me to watch a movie called "Koizora", a Japanese film which literally means "Sky of Love". It was released in cinemas last November 3, 2007. And finally, after nine long months, I was able to download a good file with English subtitles.

Here is the cover of the DVD
Image from My Soju

I'll try to minimize the plot details so I can avoid spoiling the movie. Read at your own risk though.

The movie is all about the coming of age of high school student Mika Tahara and her romance with Hiro Sakurai. At first, I thought it's gonna be the usual fall-in-love-get-separated-fall in-love-again plot, as most romance films are like that, but I was wrong. The film was much deeper, and is emotionally attaching. After watching the movie, it kept me thinking how life really should be, and how complicated it is.

Another thing I like about the film is the script, and how they threw their lines. And also, the actors and actresses really fit their roles. It amazing how effortlessly they convey whatever emotion they have to the viewers.

Overall, it was a great movie. The best I've seen since Avatar, plot-wise. It's a must see for fans of Asian movies.

Btw, downloaded this through torrent via Pirate Bay. Enjoy watching.



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