Monday, June 22, 2009


been sleeping for like, two and a half hours already? for some reasons, i feel so sleepy.. probably cause of the medicine i'm drinking.. school was okay, it's just so freakin' hot.. my hanky was literally soaked in sweat.. DX..

after school, we're supposed to go to do our regular, monday, bible study.. but our pastor's too tired so we weren't able to do so.. instead, we went to play some ball at South Supermarket.. XD.. it was fun, then we ate at Mcdonalds...


father's day post extra.. last sunday, that's june 20, father's day, we lunched-out few of my relatives.. we ate at Party Land in Pampanga.. 'twas an all-you-can-eat diner, so i did it a lot LOL..

pictures again..

pardon me from my messy hair.. DX..

this is actually a bigger pic, cropped me.. i love REAL stolen pictures.. =']

bye now.. still not feeling well,.. ciao...


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