Thursday, May 21, 2009


yeah! finally got myself a blog..

i seriously don't know why i made blog, but anyway, this'd be a good way to release my thoughts right? i just hope there'll be readers >_<..

well, i'm dion.. your not so typical guy you see around.. i'm extremely cunning when it comes to life, and a naturally doubtful kid.. and from my view, it's not something one should be proud of.. being too clever digs pretty much everything you hear and make you understand too much of it, that you'd wish you were dumber so you don't have to give a damn about it..

enough bout that.. aside from being a jerk at times, i also play the piano..

i used to be a church keyboardist and drummer before i got some problems with time and family.. and i'm missing it like big time.. >_<..
gonna sleep for now.. ciao..


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