Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yesterday, my friends and I decided to stay at school for a while after class. We say at the BulSU's renowned "Heroes Park". It is a good thing the we stayed for a bit, cause I got the chance to see a musical performance by the Koreans studying at the school. The instruments used are percussion instruments. It was fun watching them, and now I can say that I know a bit about their traditional music and instruments. And as a musician, it feels nostalgic that fate gave me a chance to hear music from another country. We don't usually stay too long at school after class.

From what i have researched, it is called Nong-ak.

I took some pictures. I wish a have a better camera. DX

And here is a vid of what they are playing.


bkit hindi ko 'to nakita.. hehe, anung oras cla nagperform?

mga 5 pm siguro.. scoop din yan, sinamantala ko na.. XD

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