What Makes You Beautiful

You don't know you're beautiful, If only you saw what I can see, You'll understand why I want you so desperately, Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, You don't know, Oh oh, You don't know you're beautiful, Oh oh, That's what makes you beautiful

Saturday, June 27, 2009


"Warriors of the night, assemble!"

"For the Lich King.."

"Monster kill!"

who plays DotA? or should i say who doesn't play DotA? XD

for those who don't know anything about it, Defense of the Ancients is a custom map, yes, just a custom map, for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.. it's fun, i swear.. and it is extremely addicting , so be ready to spank yourself if you'll ever try the game.. XD..

i haven't played with my friends for a long time, so i'm getting all rusty now.. a new map has been released and i don't get the chance to play it with other players.. no AI maps too so i'll be much left out with new strategies.. DX..

favorite hero? here are my most frequently used heroes..


the first hero i played, and also the first one where i pwned.. XD.. i did 17 kills with this one on a 5on5 fight, and my bloodstone's charge was 12.. XD.. i was a noob compared to my friends that time LOL.. XD.. played alone against 3 insane AI+ and never lost LOL.. never tried against 5, but i think it won't be that hard as long as there are no mana burners..


very hard to use early in the game.. pwns when you get your core items..


easy to use.. this is imba against agis i guess.. jmo..

Treant Protector

useful in mid to late parts of the game.. doesn't do bad at the start either.,.

Dragon Knight

the first melee character i thought i was great with LOL.. easy to use strength hero..

i also like Magina, Mortred, Invoker, Traxex, Yurnero, Leshrac, Luna, Kardel, Razor(the old one, very easy to use) and Windrunner..

i would love to know who are your fave heroes.. comment it to me if you like.. =']



another super late post.. DX.. well, if you ask me, i don't really give a damn bout him.. LOL.. no offense to his fans, but what can i do, i wasn't born the same year as you are,. XD..

while watching tv, the local news said a bunch of things about Michael Jackson.. something like a tribute i guess.. thus, i learned a bit about"Jacko" from them..

he is great..

he is amazing..

he is famous..

he is the King of Pop..

and he is also scandalous..

but he is loved..


and now, mourned..

from hereon i want to generalized my topic.. it means i am not referring to a particular person.. a while ago, i had classes with our subjects CAD and Rizal.. never mind CAD for now,. in Rizal, our professor pinpointed how many influential people are idolized irrationally..

here in our country, there is one actor who was famous for his "bad boy" character.. he was even put to prison due to different cases, and his name stenches all over our local showbiz industry.. but then, he was idolized.. our professor also told of that there is one time where this actor punched another actor, but instead of disappointment from his fans, he was liked more.. and how influential is he? right where i live, there is a guy whom we called "idol".. from his clothes to even how the actor walks.. "idol" mimiced it from the actor..

btw, the used-to-be-bad-boy is doing good now atleast.. he funded a school for Muslims and Christians..

going back.. as we continued with our discussion, the thoughts went deeper into my head.. i hate to admit it, but i did enjoyed the discussion.. learned a lot of things, and opened my mind to many other things.. made me wonder.. if my countrymen would get to see either Michael Jackson or Rizal(Philippines' national hero), who would they choose? DX..


here is something to laugh at.. be sure to watch it.. the last time i showed this to my classmates, we weren't able to do even a tiny fragment of our project, cause we laughed out the whole day.. XD.. it's good to watch this with someone else.. =']..



Monday, June 22, 2009


been sleeping for like, two and a half hours already? for some reasons, i feel so sleepy.. probably cause of the medicine i'm drinking.. school was okay, it's just so freakin' hot.. my hanky was literally soaked in sweat.. DX..

after school, we're supposed to go to do our regular, monday, bible study.. but our pastor's too tired so we weren't able to do so.. instead, we went to play some ball at South Supermarket.. XD.. it was fun, then we ate at Mcdonalds...


father's day post extra.. last sunday, that's june 20, father's day, we lunched-out few of my relatives.. we ate at Party Land in Pampanga.. 'twas an all-you-can-eat diner, so i did it a lot LOL..

pictures again..

pardon me from my messy hair.. DX..

this is actually a bigger pic, cropped me.. i love REAL stolen pictures.. =']

bye now.. still not feeling well,.. ciao...

Friday, June 19, 2009


i've been sick for 3 days.. scared the hell out of me, thought it was Influenza A (H1N1) or something LOL.. i'm okay now at least.. my throat still aches though..

last night, the only prime time show in local tv i watch has ended.. it's "one Liter of Tears".. for guy to watch, seems a bit childish or something.. but i tell you it's really good.. XD.. and since i was also sick yesterday, the show made me overwork my brain again.. DX

felt lucky that i was not on her shoes.. for those who don't know anything bout it, it is about a 15 y/o girl who has spinocerebellar degeneration ataxia..

"Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) is one of a group of genetic disorders characterized by slowly progressive incoordination of gait and often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements. Frequently, atrophy of the cerebellum occurs, and different ataxias are known to affect different regions within the cerebellum. "

Spinocerebellar Ataxia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

i won't tell much about it, but i encouraged everyone to watch it and see how blessed we are to live a normal life..

the lead actress, Erika Sawajiri, is one of my ultimate crushes.. and incidentally, she looks one of my ultimate crushes and favorite character on Tekken 5.. it is one of the reasons why i watched the show.. LOL.. here are their pictures..

this Erika Sawajiri

this is my fave character in tekken 5.. and i tell yah i really pawn with this one.. XD

and Erika again..

i just love em both.. XD


while doing this post, i googled erika for photos.. it looks like that in japan, she's doing sexy pictorials or something.. she is a good actress, and i think she shouldn't have gone that much.. she looks so pure to me before i saw the pics.. try to search it yourself.. still my ultimate crush though.. XD

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


some of you are probably wondering where do i get some of my post's title.. like "Two-Faced Marcato" and "The Black and White Adagio".. if you know a bit about music, then you got it.. they are musical terms, classical musical terms to be exact.. in one of my early posts, i remember i said how much i love the piano, and music as well.. never had the chance to study new pieces and songs until just now.. i have been hooked up with online games and other things, that i don't get to practice.. i'm getting all rusty, but i was able to grease those rickety fingers again just now.. i played some song from my cellphone, made my ass to move.. it's 'Wait For You' by Elliot Yamin..

when i was around 13 or 14 maybe, i had my piano lessons.. after a few weeks, my sis and i stopped the lessons cause our teacher is in so much need of the a liter of mouthwash that we can't take it, LOL.. then 10 months ago, i decided to play again after being inspired with "Pachelbel's Canon in D"..

i tried to learn it at once, but i was a starter again at that time so it was really hard.. the piece is not easy for beginners, so i really pushed myself hard to learn it.. and since i need to learn the basics to play something advanced, i spend more time doing exercises..

my piano, an upright by yupangco, is old and rickety,. some of the keys sound screechy.. really made me sound bad, but i got no money to get it fixed.. DX.. if i could have myself a new piano, even an electric one, i would be more motivated to play..

here are my videos i uploaded in youtube..

this is my version of canon in d.. it's a combination of many arrangements..

this one is 'River Flows in You' by Yiruma.. btw, Yiruma is my fave pianist.. he frequently do dynamic changes when he plays and make it emotionally attracting and heartwarming,. the notes are overflowing when he is playing, and he can even change the intensity of his tone at his will to make it sound better.. my idol pianist.. XD

one more thing.. there is this one anime that has been an inspiration as well for me.. it is where most of my principles on music came.. presenting..

La Corda d'Oro Primo Passo!

i won't spoil it for you, just watch it.. if you love music, you'd love the anime.. cause the anime is music itself.. =']..

bye now!..


one liter of tears is really distracting.. can't think of other t.v. shows that made me think this much.. i feel so sad for Aya and Haruto DX

Monday, June 15, 2009


**note.. this post has nothing to do with my first day of school..
it's about my High School.. can't get anymore emo with it.. LOL.

for 7 years now, i've been studying at the same school.. and through that 7 years, i saw how my school changed..

as a high school student of Bulacan State University, i was a proud one.. thousands of incoming 1st year students took the exam, but only 120 slots are filled in.. the Laboratory High School of BSU is no doubt, one of the best and well-known high schools in Bulacan.. XD

life wasn't easy there though, especially when you came from a private school.. everything is different in there.. the classrooms are full of dust, seats are all rusty, and it is poorly ventilated.. i thought i was gonna cry the first day of school LOL.. and the lessons make it worse.. since we are at a college university, our lessons, especially the science subjects, are at a different level.. i can say that science is really the forte of BSU Lab. High(it should be, else it should't be Lab. High LOL).. i used to be brilliant when i was in elementary, but i was nothing but ordinary when i got there.. my classmates are really unreachable for me.. i was not challenged though,. i was discouraged.. LOL LOL..

well high school is really a moment in my life that i don't want to forget.. we're only three sections, so you get to meet everyone else.. there i met my true friends, my first love, and many more XD.. i miss high school.. DX

right now, at the very same school, i am a third year Electronics and Communications Engineering student,.

*i do not own the pictures, from BulSU Website..

in three years, i will finally graduate.. still a lot of time eh? LOL.. it would be fun.. it should be.. =']


Saturday, June 13, 2009


this post was supposed to be with my previous post, but to my surprise, i was typing too much about the Ako Mismo, and this topic should be discussed largely aswell..

yesterday too, i was one of the emcees for a church event in my previous church, entitled as "Fire Exit".. It is a church event done since August of last year, every first friday of the month.. Due to some problems, the church decided to move this month's Fire Exit that's why t'was held yesterday.. it is actually the reason why i did not pursue going to the Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day..

it has been my passion to serve the Lord since i became a Christian. It's events like this that allows me to do so, so i am grateful for my People of Praise Church family that they still allowed me to do the emcee-ing, even though i attend a different church now..

Fire Exit was conceptualized by the youth pastor together with the youth leaders of the church.. The idea was copied from "Upper Box", a youth gig held every Friday night at a church in Taft.. Before, we used to ride all the way to Manila to attend the gig, so we thought of bringing the gig itself to Malolos. Thus, the Fire Exit was formed, with a goal of bringing non-believers into God's dwelling..

btw, the vision and mission of Fire Exit is as follows:

"Our VISION is to build youth volunteers for God’s kingdom. and our MISSION is to lead the youth generation of malolos to a better knowledge of God through Music, the Bible, and friendship."

excerpt from Fire Exit Friendster Group

in Fire Exit, we try to fill in the gap between the youth of this generation with God.. we also practice accountability with the attendees of the event.. the emcees are always instructed to be comfortable with the audience, and to make the audience comfortable with them.. the attendees can also coordinate with the youth leaders if they want to perform special numbers, and the musicians offer lessons to those who want to learn..

Evangelism is the bread and butter of Fire Exit. to my fellow Christians and friends here in malolos, i encourage you to help us save souls through God's instructions..

here are some pictures i took during yesterday's event..

me and my partner, ate Kaye.. emcees..

i encourage everyone who resides in or near Malolos to attend the Fire Exit..

God bless!


Yesterday, i was planning to go to the "Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day", to be held at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field.. For those who don't know, Philippines' Independence Day is yesterday, June 12.. didn't go btw..

Ako Mismo, is an "I" campaign for Filipinos, whether be they're inside or outside the country.. Here in the Philippines, a tv commercial is aired to leading networks stations, promoting the said movement.. I personally think that the campaign was effective, but this does not apply to everyone.. If you visit their website, you'll be ask what will you do for the country before you can sign up..

From what i've read from a blogger in multiply, she is not completely happy about these "I will do this..." campaigns.. If my memory serves me right, she was saying that these campaigns will only let Filipinos pledge to do the things that they are already doing.. In a sense, she do have a point.. and point well taken,. but on the other hand, we can say otherwise.. the blogger is a student from one of the best, if not the best, university in the Philippines.. naturally, not everyone thinks as critical as she does, so her theorem about the "I" campaigns is not always applicable..

, dumbness saves the Ako Mismo Campaign.. not dumbness actually, but it's actually the "normal-ness" and nationalism of many Filipinos that saved the day.. at least for them, the Ako Mismo is pure with its intentions..

though the Ako Mismo's main event is finished, there are still many issues with the campaign.. it can't be helped.. fortunately, the probable political beneficiaries, and by beneficiaries i mean those who gets popularity by doing the campaign, can be thinned down to a number less than the fingers in a hand.. most of the people who promoted the campaign are of no potential to run a position in the governement.. and even if they do run, Ako Mismo alone won't fly them high enough to any position.. LOL..

what actually spices the event more is the dog tag.. a dog tag is an accessory used by soldiers.. like some sort of identification, usually worn when in wars.. Ako Mismo used these dog tag as part of the campaign, and frankly speaking, these dog tags and the bands who's gonna perform are the aim of most people who pledged and went to the event.. it is a flaw of the campaign.. however, it could be that they used it as a way for Filipinos to be nationalistic, imo..

what has been done is done, so let's just hope for the best..


Thursday, June 11, 2009


***picture post!***

yesterday is my grandfathers first death anniversary.. we spend our day at our "house" at the cemetery.. yeah, my grandfather and sister's(yeah i got one sis deceased, diabetes..) tomb is basically a house now.. XD

before going to the cemetery, we went to my granny's house and ate lunch.. my aunt and cousin who just got home from LA was there too.. took some pictures with my dad's Sony DSC-T900 digicam..

next we drove to Sta. Rita de Casia, that's where my grandfather and sis is.. LOL..

before anything else, two days ago, we prepared for my grandfather's death anniversary.. our helpers and maid are busy with their thing, so i got to work my ass out.. i peeled and chopped like twenty potatoes, ten carrots, and sliced two kilos of meat.. XD

moving on.. when we got there, we went straight inside the house and grabbed some grub,.

after eating, my younger sis asked me to take her some pictures.. the weather was really nice and it's really sunny.. i took the opportunity got me some pictures too.. XD

here they are.. that's a graveyard, really.. =']

after that, i went upstairs and played with my psp a bit.. the mass started, then after some time my other sis asked me to come with her to buy medicines, but we end up staying at Starbucks.. ate hot shots and some fries.. got me full.. XD..

rode my brother-in-law's mini cooper.. i fitted there! everyone was looking at us on the road.. XD

my sis took lots of stolen pictures.. made me look a glutton.. DX.. and you would probably see my undies in the next pictures.. got a hole in my pants.. LOL..

brain freeze! my sis took a picture of my agony.. DX

you might have notice, our shirts wear the same prints..


this one's a shot of my braces..