Saturday, June 13, 2009


this post was supposed to be with my previous post, but to my surprise, i was typing too much about the Ako Mismo, and this topic should be discussed largely aswell..

yesterday too, i was one of the emcees for a church event in my previous church, entitled as "Fire Exit".. It is a church event done since August of last year, every first friday of the month.. Due to some problems, the church decided to move this month's Fire Exit that's why t'was held yesterday.. it is actually the reason why i did not pursue going to the Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day..

it has been my passion to serve the Lord since i became a Christian. It's events like this that allows me to do so, so i am grateful for my People of Praise Church family that they still allowed me to do the emcee-ing, even though i attend a different church now..

Fire Exit was conceptualized by the youth pastor together with the youth leaders of the church.. The idea was copied from "Upper Box", a youth gig held every Friday night at a church in Taft.. Before, we used to ride all the way to Manila to attend the gig, so we thought of bringing the gig itself to Malolos. Thus, the Fire Exit was formed, with a goal of bringing non-believers into God's dwelling..

btw, the vision and mission of Fire Exit is as follows:

"Our VISION is to build youth volunteers for God’s kingdom. and our MISSION is to lead the youth generation of malolos to a better knowledge of God through Music, the Bible, and friendship."

excerpt from Fire Exit Friendster Group

in Fire Exit, we try to fill in the gap between the youth of this generation with God.. we also practice accountability with the attendees of the event.. the emcees are always instructed to be comfortable with the audience, and to make the audience comfortable with them.. the attendees can also coordinate with the youth leaders if they want to perform special numbers, and the musicians offer lessons to those who want to learn..

Evangelism is the bread and butter of Fire Exit. to my fellow Christians and friends here in malolos, i encourage you to help us save souls through God's instructions..

here are some pictures i took during yesterday's event..

me and my partner, ate Kaye.. emcees..

i encourage everyone who resides in or near Malolos to attend the Fire Exit..

God bless!


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