What Makes You Beautiful

You don't know you're beautiful, If only you saw what I can see, You'll understand why I want you so desperately, Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, You don't know, Oh oh, You don't know you're beautiful, Oh oh, That's what makes you beautiful

Sunday, May 31, 2009


hey yah! finally! after three days, i can blog,.. felt like years LOL... have to blog about lots of things, but i'd blog about the car show for now.. last saturday, that's may 30, an auto show was held at the Cabanas.. and my sis was invited by her friend to model some pepsi! yey! too bad they only need female models LOL kidding.. my sis and her friend Jannah wore some t-shirts with pepsi prints.. not their sizes though, so they have to knot it and let their tummy show.. got no choice but to let my sis do it so i stayed with her for a while.. then the good car's finally making a crowd, and i was like in paradise LOL.. i called my older sister so she could fetch my mom and dad at the airport (which i was supposed to do), so i could stay until the real show begins.. LOL.. i couldn't let this chance pass me by, so here are the pictures,. that's my sis in black and Jannah in the pink one.. =']

click the for a size fit for humans LOL..

this has got to be my fave pic.. my fave car during the show, a modified land cruiser..

great cars right? LOL.. gonna blog again later okay.. my mom's fixing my room now, she just got home from their Scandinavian cruise.. *drools.. ciao!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


my psp's been doing nothing these past few weeks, so i decided to download some games (thanks to mr. bitTorrent..).. but instead of downloading new games, what i dl-ed are old games from psx converted for psp.. and it's my favorite series ever.. SUIKODEN! anyone familiar with it? i remember beating the second game more than ten times.. seriously.. here is the opening sequence for suikoden 2..

might aswell share my favorite characters.. here they are, in random order..

Tenkai Star, Riou
the main protagonist in suikoden II.. my fave hero, my type of battle style too.. holds the bright shield rune, also my kind of rune..

Tenkan Star, Luc..
bearer of the true wind rune.. great mage, really.. he may look sissy, and is actually low in defense, but he still one of the coolest mage ever.. he speaks frankly, and is quite peevish, that's why i like him LOL.. he was a villain in the suikoden III though...

Tenei Star, Lyon..
guardian of the fifth suikoden's hero,. really cute lol.. plus she's gonna bear the twilight rune somewhere near the end of the game.. and she can attack five times in one turn.. cool huh?

Chikyou Star, Sagiri..
my favorite long range character.. she's actually great as a long range fighter, but there are more medium and short ranger fighter who are better.. the reason i put her on my party is because of her coolness with her fighting style (throws two kunais, can attack three times in one turn), and her past (an ex-assasin trained to always smile, regardless of how she feels..

Chikyu Star, Kasumi..
she's a ninja, need i say more? i love ninjas.. whoo!.. you get to choose between her and another character, who is better than her, but still i always choose her.. =']

Chitatsu Star, Viki..
the sole teleporter of the suikoden series.. love her.. she's so dumb, and really funny.. she got some good lines in all series, and a cute face to boot too.. =']

Chiketsi Star, Jeane..
again, the sole runemistress in the suikoden series.. ='].. a bit fuzzy though, her outfit's extremely.. low budgeted.. LOL..

Tensyo Star, Clive
don't you just love his toy? and furthermore, his story is great, and he even has his own sidequest in suikoden II..

stilll have a bunch of faves.. i'll just list them here..
p.s, i don't consider a character a fave because of there usefulness in the game..

my fave cause of their fighting styles are:

Wakaba (can't help it, i do taekwondo before.. XD..)
Sasuke(another ninja, throws a shuriken..)
Shigure(ex-assasin, ninja-liked..)
Raven(uses claws, like Kasumi, and wolverine LOL..)

my fave cause of their personality.. and attitudes.. or attitude problems maybe.. LOL..

Kyle(funny.. a playboy.. LOL..)

that's it for now,.. need to catch some sleep, it's past midnight now..


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


WARNING.. wordy post..

now let's have susan boyle in my blog! whooo.. bet you know her too.. if not, then here's a link from youtube,..

Susan Boyle, Britain's Got Talent

1:23-25.. bitch.. i bet she felt stupid after she heard her sing..

1:54, the girl's like "omg, i'm feeling nervous for her..".. XD

4:00-03.. simon falls in love with susan.. LOL..

5:16.. amanda's right, that's the biggest wake up call ever.. agree? =']

6:40.. she's finally getting to her senses, and realize just how great she is..

lesson? the same old cliche-ic "don't judge a book by its cover".. susan's voice is really amazing, i bet she'll be useful in disney movies right? XD.. kidding aside, amanda's right again, people nowadays are too cynical.. it could be that in a generation where vanity is really a trend, people tend to be judgemental.. but still, it's somewhat disappointing, cause the natural fairness and equality that God designed is being messed up.. somewhere in the Matthew, i remember a verse saying something like, "you see the dust in other's eyes, but you don't notice a log in your eye!" something like that.. if you were able to at least read until this part of my post, then you probably understand thehere are my ideas with this..

girls are more cynical than guys.. i'm not saying this coz i'm a guy,. it's just that guys can talk about so many other things rather that talk about other people, that we don't easily develop the habit of judging people..

`you usually judge a person cause it's fun, like a laughing stock.. so you and your friends can have something to laugh at..

`you tend to judge someone to redirect people's attention to that person, so they get to see his/her flaws, not yours..

`you always see what's wrong with somebody, not that you're observant, it's simply because you're insecure with him/her..

`you judge somebody because you yourself is being misjudged by other people..

quite guilty with the laughing thingy.. DX.. i'm trying my best to restrain myself, doing good now i guess (compared from before)..

gonna blog again later.. lunch time.. =']


whoo.. time for an after-midnight blogging session again.. there you got me in here now LOL.. lately i've been feeling lazy.. and i frequently have headaches.. dunno why, but probably cause of lack of sleep LOL.. pretty sure my head's gonna be a pain in the butt later.. DX.. anyway, went to our old place, and watched our company's team play basketball.. it rained though, so it was stopped.. we did start and killed a few minutes in the first quarter, but mr. luck wasn't our side yet, so we scored 13-6, our team the latter.. we have to work our ass out harder tomorrow.. DX

our team's wearing yellow..

that's the committee in charged with the game..

btw, got my bitTorrent working too much.. downloaded maybe 8gb of files just this week.. i noticed my hard disk is pretty messed up, so i sorted and grouped my files.. and luckily, i was able to install again Ragnarok Battle Offline! yey.. actually i just finished playing with my male acolyte XD.. btw, here's a vid for those who doesn't have any idea bout what am i blabbing about..

the game's really cool.. it's like playing super mario and a sword.. together.. LOL.. it has three expansions, but the 2nd jobs didn't make it.. what a bummer.. it's cool still though.. i just wish that there'll be more expansions.. what i like in the game is its loyalty to the original game.. not in terms of their skills or moves,. if you did play Ragnarok Online, then you're familiar with bots and tankers eh? in RBO, their are also tankers and bots, with funny dialogues LOL.. their are even kill stealers, and many more stuffs that you'll see on the original game.. try it! it's a bit hard to install, but you'll pull through.. =']

Monday, May 25, 2009


finally i can blog now.. whoo.. it's been 2 days since i last blogged.. i was supposed to do my post yesterday about the santacruzan, but my headache's killing me.. DX.. because of that, i wasn't able to have a fruitful monday.. LOL.. i missed the basketball fight of our company, and i lost tracked of the tv shows i'm watchig.. DX.. at least i'm a lot better now.. =']

santacruzan again.. that's sunday, my sis and i are in the "sagala" again,. this time around, she was my partner, and her title was, "Rosa Mystika".. cool huh? LOL.. here are the pictures btw..

so we got home a bit earlier this time.. maybe around 11:30PM or something.. our barangay is not as big as the first one we marched, so we didn't even notice that it's done.. LOL..

btw, my sis only rented her gown cause she needs to wear black, and she doesn't have one.. so is my couz.. unfortunately, the gown brought us a lot of trouble.. DX.. when my sis returned the gown, the old hag who owns the shop shouted at her, saying to my sis and couz that they are responsible for the holes on the gown of my couz (which we are not).. my sis is such a dork when talking to old ladies shouting shit, so she did not argue.. they want us to pay for it, but my sis don't have enough money so she went home with one of the shop's helpers.. but as expected from my sis and aunt, they did not give in to it.. so they talked to her.. or maybe fought with her,, LOL..
*my aunt talking
*hindi po namin babayaran yang gown na yan kase pangit po at wala lang choice yung bata dahil kinabukasan na ung sagala at kahit kailan po eh hindi na kame magrerent dyan sa tabang!..
*busy tone..
* me LOL
*we're not going to pay for that gown because it's ugly and the kid has no choice but to wear that piece of crap cause the parade is already the next day and never you'll see us again rent any gown from your stupid shop!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


whew. finally i can blog now! yeehaH! just ate lunch, i woke up like super late today LOL.. i was really tired yesterday,. it was worth it though,. LOL.. here's what i did..

WARNING! lengthy post.. =']

i asked my sis to wake me up at 7AM, cause i'm going to meet up with a HS best friend again.. she did woke me up, but my brain's still flying so i did not get up at that instance.. eventually i got my ass up a took a bath and wore my fave red t-shirt and pants.. we met at a taekwondo gym where we used to train in high school (i'm a taekwondo varsity player in my high school days =D).. unfortunately, there was no training session at the gym so the only thing we did there is talk with our used-to-be-teammates mom and dad.. took us 2 hours..DX.. didn't expect we'd be taking that long LOL..

after that Diosa(my friend) and I dunno where to go.. so we decide to go to my school where we took our high school.. after that we went to another friend's house.. took some pictures, and there we ate luch.. ='].. WE ATE AND RUN! LOL..

here the pictures, btw..

after we ate, we went to our next destination.. to a camp, where some of our HS friends again, are there.. it's a camp by Youth for Christ.. i was supposed to be at the service team too, was not able to comply though.. was too busy LOL.. we took some pics, and we ate some ice cream on bread..

yes, that's "dirty ice cream" on a burger bun.. LOL.. i tell yah, you'd miss half of your life if you're not gonna take a bite XD.. here, some pics again..

my three high school female best friends, bea, diosa, and lea.. =']..

whew, Diosa and i are a bit tired by that time, but we still have to go somewhere else.. Santacruzan time! yeah.. so we drove home and rest for while.. we actually took a nap.. XD.. after resting, i got myself ready for the santacruzan.. my sis's make up artist didn't have hair wax, so i dit not get my hair fix.. DX.. here comes the pictures.. =']

me and my partner, Janel.. She's the "Reyna Emperatris". second highest rank in santacruzans.. XD
my sis, "Reyna delos Flores", the highest rank in that santacruzan.. double XD..

yeah, don't have to say how ugly i look.. DX..
after the mass is the parade.. and it's the longest walk for a santacruzan we ever did.. DX.. really tiring, but it was fun.. ='].. we walked for like more than two hours, at a speed which is somewhere between running and walking.. yeah, we walked like super fast.. DX..
later, my sis and i are gonna be at another santacruzan, gonna blog about it again tomorrow.. ciao!