Sunday, June 7, 2009


just got home.. i did some piano, then i figured out i should blog now.. XD.. went to the mall.. bought some stuff for school, a new shades (forgot to take a pic DX), and a naruto shirt with no sleeves.. wee!..

"cam whored" at the fitting room.. LOL.. the print is naruto shippuden.. my first naruto shirt! yey!..

an okay day, too bad my braces are always on the run to ruin it.. ate at Goldilocks, i didn't got myself full though..

the green one looks a bit not so delicious right? LOL.. it's good, i swear. it's the only thing i could eat now.. DX

went to Cdr-king to buy a memory card reader, then to my favorite stall there, Lyric.. XD.. they got all sorts of classical musical instruments, even cellos, and a classical bass..

i asked how much it'd cost to fix my piano, but no one there knew so they gave me a calling card.. played at the Yamaha upright piano there for a while..

then we came across to some of my mom's past acquaintances, so instead of commuting back to the car shop, we rode their Revo..

when we got home, we ate some Gonuts my sis bought for us,.. XD..

pizzas on the cover, but it's actually doughnuts..

my insatiable tummy is not done yet though, ate some peach with whipped cream.. double XD..


i'm a bit pissed cause i can't post as much as i want now.. i need to be careful with what i put here.. we got a few problems, but we'll pull through.. please pray for us btw, thanks.. =']



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