Thursday, June 11, 2009


***picture post!***

yesterday is my grandfathers first death anniversary.. we spend our day at our "house" at the cemetery.. yeah, my grandfather and sister's(yeah i got one sis deceased, diabetes..) tomb is basically a house now.. XD

before going to the cemetery, we went to my granny's house and ate lunch.. my aunt and cousin who just got home from LA was there too.. took some pictures with my dad's Sony DSC-T900 digicam..

next we drove to Sta. Rita de Casia, that's where my grandfather and sis is.. LOL..

before anything else, two days ago, we prepared for my grandfather's death anniversary.. our helpers and maid are busy with their thing, so i got to work my ass out.. i peeled and chopped like twenty potatoes, ten carrots, and sliced two kilos of meat.. XD

moving on.. when we got there, we went straight inside the house and grabbed some grub,.

after eating, my younger sis asked me to take her some pictures.. the weather was really nice and it's really sunny.. i took the opportunity got me some pictures too.. XD

here they are.. that's a graveyard, really.. =']

after that, i went upstairs and played with my psp a bit.. the mass started, then after some time my other sis asked me to come with her to buy medicines, but we end up staying at Starbucks.. ate hot shots and some fries.. got me full.. XD..

rode my brother-in-law's mini cooper.. i fitted there! everyone was looking at us on the road.. XD

my sis took lots of stolen pictures.. made me look a glutton.. DX.. and you would probably see my undies in the next pictures.. got a hole in my pants.. LOL..

brain freeze! my sis took a picture of my agony.. DX

you might have notice, our shirts wear the same prints..


this one's a shot of my braces..



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