Saturday, June 13, 2009


Yesterday, i was planning to go to the "Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day", to be held at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field.. For those who don't know, Philippines' Independence Day is yesterday, June 12.. didn't go btw..

Ako Mismo, is an "I" campaign for Filipinos, whether be they're inside or outside the country.. Here in the Philippines, a tv commercial is aired to leading networks stations, promoting the said movement.. I personally think that the campaign was effective, but this does not apply to everyone.. If you visit their website, you'll be ask what will you do for the country before you can sign up..

From what i've read from a blogger in multiply, she is not completely happy about these "I will do this..." campaigns.. If my memory serves me right, she was saying that these campaigns will only let Filipinos pledge to do the things that they are already doing.. In a sense, she do have a point.. and point well taken,. but on the other hand, we can say otherwise.. the blogger is a student from one of the best, if not the best, university in the Philippines.. naturally, not everyone thinks as critical as she does, so her theorem about the "I" campaigns is not always applicable..

, dumbness saves the Ako Mismo Campaign.. not dumbness actually, but it's actually the "normal-ness" and nationalism of many Filipinos that saved the day.. at least for them, the Ako Mismo is pure with its intentions..

though the Ako Mismo's main event is finished, there are still many issues with the campaign.. it can't be helped.. fortunately, the probable political beneficiaries, and by beneficiaries i mean those who gets popularity by doing the campaign, can be thinned down to a number less than the fingers in a hand.. most of the people who promoted the campaign are of no potential to run a position in the governement.. and even if they do run, Ako Mismo alone won't fly them high enough to any position.. LOL..

what actually spices the event more is the dog tag.. a dog tag is an accessory used by soldiers.. like some sort of identification, usually worn when in wars.. Ako Mismo used these dog tag as part of the campaign, and frankly speaking, these dog tags and the bands who's gonna perform are the aim of most people who pledged and went to the event.. it is a flaw of the campaign.. however, it could be that they used it as a way for Filipinos to be nationalistic, imo..

what has been done is done, so let's just hope for the best..



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