Monday, June 15, 2009


**note.. this post has nothing to do with my first day of school..
it's about my High School.. can't get anymore emo with it.. LOL.

for 7 years now, i've been studying at the same school.. and through that 7 years, i saw how my school changed..

as a high school student of Bulacan State University, i was a proud one.. thousands of incoming 1st year students took the exam, but only 120 slots are filled in.. the Laboratory High School of BSU is no doubt, one of the best and well-known high schools in Bulacan.. XD

life wasn't easy there though, especially when you came from a private school.. everything is different in there.. the classrooms are full of dust, seats are all rusty, and it is poorly ventilated.. i thought i was gonna cry the first day of school LOL.. and the lessons make it worse.. since we are at a college university, our lessons, especially the science subjects, are at a different level.. i can say that science is really the forte of BSU Lab. High(it should be, else it should't be Lab. High LOL).. i used to be brilliant when i was in elementary, but i was nothing but ordinary when i got there.. my classmates are really unreachable for me.. i was not challenged though,. i was discouraged.. LOL LOL..

well high school is really a moment in my life that i don't want to forget.. we're only three sections, so you get to meet everyone else.. there i met my true friends, my first love, and many more XD.. i miss high school.. DX

right now, at the very same school, i am a third year Electronics and Communications Engineering student,.

*i do not own the pictures, from BulSU Website..

in three years, i will finally graduate.. still a lot of time eh? LOL.. it would be fun.. it should be.. =']



3rd year ka na pala... 2nd year p lang aq.. ^___^

ah wou.. madame2 k pang mararanasang paghihirap.. haha

wee. ang photogenic pala nga law building uh? hehehe.^_^

engineering po iyan.. =']

aw.hahaha. oonga noh? LOLs. sa heroes park pla un. hawig kase. ahahaa. pasensya na. hm. BSU tlga aq dti. lumipat lng^_^

aw syag naman.. DX.. san k n pu naun? =']

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