What Makes You Beautiful

You don't know you're beautiful, If only you saw what I can see, You'll understand why I want you so desperately, Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, You don't know, Oh oh, You don't know you're beautiful, Oh oh, That's what makes you beautiful

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Just got home from Enchanted Kingdom with my siblings, cousins, and some of my niece and nephews. Before coming to EK though, we had a side trip to Tagaytay where we had our lunch, "picnic style", at Bulalo's Point. It has been a very long day for us and I'm so wasted right now LOL. The only reason why I turned on my desktop is to start my RO bot , but I managed to pull this post as well.

So here it is, this is the continuation of the "10 DAY CHALLENGE"post I blogged a few weeks ago. Out of three challenges I've done, this is by far the hardest for me. I really don't know how should I list 'em, so i posted it as if I am telling someone who wants me how to win my heart.

Day 03: 8 ways to win your heart.

1. Sing my fave songs to me. :3
2. Make me cry. :))
3. Laugh with my nonsense.
4. Withstand talking or chatting to me about practically nothing.
5. Appreciate me for what I am.
6. Love God.
7. Know why I do the things I do.
8. See the real me.

That's it for tonight.


Sunday, December 26, 2010


Nine months ago, a good friend of mine and I had a share of movies and anime series we liked. She told me to watch a movie called "Koizora", a Japanese film which literally means "Sky of Love". It was released in cinemas last November 3, 2007. And finally, after nine long months, I was able to download a good file with English subtitles.

Here is the cover of the DVD
Image from My Soju

I'll try to minimize the plot details so I can avoid spoiling the movie. Read at your own risk though.

The movie is all about the coming of age of high school student Mika Tahara and her romance with Hiro Sakurai. At first, I thought it's gonna be the usual fall-in-love-get-separated-fall in-love-again plot, as most romance films are like that, but I was wrong. The film was much deeper, and is emotionally attaching. After watching the movie, it kept me thinking how life really should be, and how complicated it is.

Another thing I like about the film is the script, and how they threw their lines. And also, the actors and actresses really fit their roles. It amazing how effortlessly they convey whatever emotion they have to the viewers.

Overall, it was a great movie. The best I've seen since Avatar, plot-wise. It's a must see for fans of Asian movies.

Btw, downloaded this through torrent via Pirate Bay. Enjoy watching.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Been busy the last few days, and I haven't had the urge to blog. I had visitors from Manila for 4 days straight. We went cosplaying last December 18, 2010 for Christmas Toycon and last December 20, 2010 for PTCC. Gonna post a separate entry for it, and I'll include some pictures we got from the event. Btw, I won in one category in the latter event, and I'm gonna get a new cellphone and some cash as my prize. :D

So much for that, here's the bread and butter of this post. The Day 2 of the 10 Day Challenge. xD

Day 02: 9 things about yourself.

1. I love God. <3
2. I am 5'8".
3. I hate lizards. xD
4. I think a lot.
5. I'm afraid of the future and the not-so-good things could happen someday.
6. I love dancing and singing.
7. I'm not good at either singing or dancing though. xD
8. I love Tekken.
9. I am very lucky. :3

I was about to explain some numbers I got there, but my sis called me and I gotta get ready for the office's Christmas Party later. Beats me. I'll be at Trinoma till half the day then set sail for Future Point building for the party.


Friday, December 10, 2010


I was reading a good friend's blog and I saw this "10 Day Challenge" post. She said she got no good stuff to blog, and so am I, so I decided to take the challenge as well LOL.

Day 01: 10 things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day 02: 9 things about yourself.
Day 03: 8 ways to win your heart.
Day 04: 7 things that cross your mind a lot.
Day 05: 6 things you wish you’d never done.
Day 06: 5 people who mean a lot to you (in no order whatsoever)
Day 07: 4 things that turn you off.
Day 08: 3 things that turn you on.
Day 09: 2 smileys that describe your life right now.
Day 10: 1 confession.

Day 01

1. I miss you so much! I hope I could visit you someday.
2. Hey! I promise I'll be worthy enough to love you someday. :)
3. I'm tired of trying to fix you. Get your life back please, for your future's sake.
4. I know you only talk about me because we don't have a handful of interesting people at school, so you settle with me. But spare me please, or I might kill you. >:)
5. Thank you for last night. :)) LOL
6. I miss our weekly fellowship. Hope we could do it again when we're both free. :)
7. Thank you for listening to my nonsense last night. You're like, my cosplay girlfriend. :D
8. Just saw you on my Facebook wall. You know what they say, first love never dies. >:)
9. Bloggers like you who rely on bashing other people to get famous are pathetic. Get a life.
10. Yeah I miss you too, but things weren't the same as before. Sorry.

Done! I guess I can't do this daily, but I'll definitely finish the quest LOL.



Been a while since I last visited my blog. Lots of things happened and I'm pretty much different from what I am before. and that's only because it's been half a year since I last blogged LOL. Well I guess I have to start from scratch and try gain readers again.

Maybe I should start with changin' my blog's layout. Hope I could think of something worth blogging later.


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Last April 15, 2010, our cosplay group attended another convention at Robbinson's Starmills Pampanga. It was our first time to actually do the catwalk ;). This time, we had another recruit which completed our portrayed characters. Here are some pictures.

All photos are taken by Mr. Ross Joseph Bernabe.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Two days ago, a few friends and I went to Mall of Asia for a "Mini Convention". There was supposed to be a huge cosplay event to happen a few kilometers from there, but for some reasons, it was postponed. But having seen some of our cosplayer friends on FB confirm that they will still be there for "No Kaisho!"(LOL), we decided to go as well.

We also had a fun shoot with two photo hobbyist we met from a previous photo shoot. Most of the shots were taken at the Seaside.

Here are some of our photos taken on our own cams.

For more shots, check my Facebook Account.

We portrayed Ryuji Takasu(Bojo Viron), Aisaka Taiga(Joni Rei Pablo), Yusaku Kitamura(Dion Michael Mendoza), and Kushieda Minori(Maricar Mendoza), all from "Toradora!".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A quick post. Haven't blogged in five long months. What a shame. @_@

I'm planning to do something on my blog though, I guess I'll make this a personal one. I think I can handle pressure more swiftly than other people do, but not having deadlines is cool with me. That's the reason I fell out of interest in blogging, a blogger wants to nominate me for a weekly blog recognition or something but I declined lol. Missed opportunity, yeah right, kick my butt.

Well I could care less about it, I don't give a damn about blogging anymore. If this is as far as I'd get then fine, lol.