Wednesday, June 17, 2009


some of you are probably wondering where do i get some of my post's title.. like "Two-Faced Marcato" and "The Black and White Adagio".. if you know a bit about music, then you got it.. they are musical terms, classical musical terms to be exact.. in one of my early posts, i remember i said how much i love the piano, and music as well.. never had the chance to study new pieces and songs until just now.. i have been hooked up with online games and other things, that i don't get to practice.. i'm getting all rusty, but i was able to grease those rickety fingers again just now.. i played some song from my cellphone, made my ass to move.. it's 'Wait For You' by Elliot Yamin..

when i was around 13 or 14 maybe, i had my piano lessons.. after a few weeks, my sis and i stopped the lessons cause our teacher is in so much need of the a liter of mouthwash that we can't take it, LOL.. then 10 months ago, i decided to play again after being inspired with "Pachelbel's Canon in D"..

i tried to learn it at once, but i was a starter again at that time so it was really hard.. the piece is not easy for beginners, so i really pushed myself hard to learn it.. and since i need to learn the basics to play something advanced, i spend more time doing exercises..

my piano, an upright by yupangco, is old and rickety,. some of the keys sound screechy.. really made me sound bad, but i got no money to get it fixed.. DX.. if i could have myself a new piano, even an electric one, i would be more motivated to play..

here are my videos i uploaded in youtube..

this is my version of canon in d.. it's a combination of many arrangements..

this one is 'River Flows in You' by Yiruma.. btw, Yiruma is my fave pianist.. he frequently do dynamic changes when he plays and make it emotionally attracting and heartwarming,. the notes are overflowing when he is playing, and he can even change the intensity of his tone at his will to make it sound better.. my idol pianist.. XD

one more thing.. there is this one anime that has been an inspiration as well for me.. it is where most of my principles on music came.. presenting..

La Corda d'Oro Primo Passo!

i won't spoil it for you, just watch it.. if you love music, you'd love the anime.. cause the anime is music itself.. =']..

bye now!..


one liter of tears is really distracting.. can't think of other t.v. shows that made me think this much.. i feel so sad for Aya and Haruto DX


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