What Makes You Beautiful

You don't know you're beautiful, If only you saw what I can see, You'll understand why I want you so desperately, Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, You don't know, Oh oh, You don't know you're beautiful, Oh oh, That's what makes you beautiful

Monday, January 10, 2011


I know it's a bit late, but still I'm gonna blog about the last convention I attended about a month ago. Actually, I've been both busy and lazy to blog anything, and can't think of anything worthy to blog.

Christmas Toycon 2010 is an annual event which happens uhm.. every December. Well, it makes sense . My friend Barbie and I cosplayed characters from Ragnarok Online, the ever famous and undying MMORPG. Barbie cosplayed a female Rune Knight, and I cosplayed a male Royal Guard. Rok On!

Really enjoyed the event. It was very tiring though, I forgot my socks so I have to wear my shoes without 'em, got a few blisters coz of that. Also, we spent most of the time outside the hall and had a photoshoot with some members of the Cosplay Photographers Guild.

Here are some pictures we got from the event. All of 'em are grabbed, so I give the credits to each photo's photographer.

For the rest of the pictures, see my Facebook account.

This it for tonight. Exams tomorrow on spectra.