Saturday, June 27, 2009


another super late post.. DX.. well, if you ask me, i don't really give a damn bout him.. LOL.. no offense to his fans, but what can i do, i wasn't born the same year as you are,. XD..

while watching tv, the local news said a bunch of things about Michael Jackson.. something like a tribute i guess.. thus, i learned a bit about"Jacko" from them..

he is great..

he is amazing..

he is famous..

he is the King of Pop..

and he is also scandalous..

but he is loved..


and now, mourned..

from hereon i want to generalized my topic.. it means i am not referring to a particular person.. a while ago, i had classes with our subjects CAD and Rizal.. never mind CAD for now,. in Rizal, our professor pinpointed how many influential people are idolized irrationally..

here in our country, there is one actor who was famous for his "bad boy" character.. he was even put to prison due to different cases, and his name stenches all over our local showbiz industry.. but then, he was idolized.. our professor also told of that there is one time where this actor punched another actor, but instead of disappointment from his fans, he was liked more.. and how influential is he? right where i live, there is a guy whom we called "idol".. from his clothes to even how the actor walks.. "idol" mimiced it from the actor..

btw, the used-to-be-bad-boy is doing good now atleast.. he funded a school for Muslims and Christians..

going back.. as we continued with our discussion, the thoughts went deeper into my head.. i hate to admit it, but i did enjoyed the discussion.. learned a lot of things, and opened my mind to many other things.. made me wonder.. if my countrymen would get to see either Michael Jackson or Rizal(Philippines' national hero), who would they choose? DX..


here is something to laugh at.. be sure to watch it.. the last time i showed this to my classmates, we weren't able to do even a tiny fragment of our project, cause we laughed out the whole day.. XD.. it's good to watch this with someone else.. =']..




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