Saturday, May 23, 2009


whew. finally i can blog now! yeehaH! just ate lunch, i woke up like super late today LOL.. i was really tired yesterday,. it was worth it though,. LOL.. here's what i did..

WARNING! lengthy post.. =']

i asked my sis to wake me up at 7AM, cause i'm going to meet up with a HS best friend again.. she did woke me up, but my brain's still flying so i did not get up at that instance.. eventually i got my ass up a took a bath and wore my fave red t-shirt and pants.. we met at a taekwondo gym where we used to train in high school (i'm a taekwondo varsity player in my high school days =D).. unfortunately, there was no training session at the gym so the only thing we did there is talk with our used-to-be-teammates mom and dad.. took us 2 hours..DX.. didn't expect we'd be taking that long LOL..

after that Diosa(my friend) and I dunno where to go.. so we decide to go to my school where we took our high school.. after that we went to another friend's house.. took some pictures, and there we ate luch.. ='].. WE ATE AND RUN! LOL..

here the pictures, btw..

after we ate, we went to our next destination.. to a camp, where some of our HS friends again, are there.. it's a camp by Youth for Christ.. i was supposed to be at the service team too, was not able to comply though.. was too busy LOL.. we took some pics, and we ate some ice cream on bread..

yes, that's "dirty ice cream" on a burger bun.. LOL.. i tell yah, you'd miss half of your life if you're not gonna take a bite XD.. here, some pics again..

my three high school female best friends, bea, diosa, and lea.. =']..

whew, Diosa and i are a bit tired by that time, but we still have to go somewhere else.. Santacruzan time! yeah.. so we drove home and rest for while.. we actually took a nap.. XD.. after resting, i got myself ready for the santacruzan.. my sis's make up artist didn't have hair wax, so i dit not get my hair fix.. DX.. here comes the pictures.. =']

me and my partner, Janel.. She's the "Reyna Emperatris". second highest rank in santacruzans.. XD
my sis, "Reyna delos Flores", the highest rank in that santacruzan.. double XD..

yeah, don't have to say how ugly i look.. DX..
after the mass is the parade.. and it's the longest walk for a santacruzan we ever did.. DX.. really tiring, but it was fun.. ='].. we walked for like more than two hours, at a speed which is somewhere between running and walking.. yeah, we walked like super fast.. DX..
later, my sis and i are gonna be at another santacruzan, gonna blog about it again tomorrow.. ciao!


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