Friday, May 22, 2009


whooo! i'm back.. =']..

blogging now.. my nose is a little runny.. and it's really iritating,. >_<.. i got into a pillow fight with my cousins, and we didn't realize how much dust we've inhaled until i notice how the laptop's covered with dust.. DX..

anyway, i just got my teeth done again, at the dentist.. and finally, next week, i'll get my braces! weee! i know it's gonna hurt though.. like a lot.. my sis complains big time when she first got hers.. and i've also read from Jiaqi's Blog how much one would drool.. scary.. DX..

after that, i got into car and drive home., i was thinking of a place to go though.. i was only a street away from my house, then i made a U-turn and went all the way back,. LOL.. got nowhere to go, i called my high school best friend and i told her i'll go at there house.. she said yes.. i was teary-eyed, finally got somewhere i could go.. nah, i'm just pulling your leg.. LOL..

but the road wasn't easy for mr. hotshots though,. i've actually been to her place before, so i did not ask for directions.. but then i was too carried away with my singing,so guess what.. i got lost.. DX.. i asked for directions, but i didn't think that there'd be lots of "de Lara" family there.. i called her again, and she fetch me from where i am.. and the rest is history.. LOL..

when we got there, she got me some fruit salad, chocolates, some bread and soda.. i did eat a lot LOL.. it's been a long time since we've talked, so we took our time and enjoyed.. it's a shame i was not able to take some pictures though.. DX

btw, since i'm talking about my high school bestfriend, reminds me of something i did last night LOL.. i played with my sis's scrabble and spelled our name.. we were ten friends, and it really took me hours to figure out how em going to put all our names on it.. and voila, here it is,,

yep, that's all of us.. cool huh? i miss them. ='[

gotta sleep now.. i'm going to meet with her tomorrow.. i'll probably won't be able to blog tomorrow,. my sis and i will be on a Santacruzan - some tradition wherein good-looking guys (LOL) and girls wear traditional Filipino dresses and go on a parade at a certain place.

till next blogging time.. ciao..


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