Monday, May 25, 2009


finally i can blog now.. whoo.. it's been 2 days since i last blogged.. i was supposed to do my post yesterday about the santacruzan, but my headache's killing me.. DX.. because of that, i wasn't able to have a fruitful monday.. LOL.. i missed the basketball fight of our company, and i lost tracked of the tv shows i'm watchig.. DX.. at least i'm a lot better now.. =']

santacruzan again.. that's sunday, my sis and i are in the "sagala" again,. this time around, she was my partner, and her title was, "Rosa Mystika".. cool huh? LOL.. here are the pictures btw..

so we got home a bit earlier this time.. maybe around 11:30PM or something.. our barangay is not as big as the first one we marched, so we didn't even notice that it's done.. LOL..

btw, my sis only rented her gown cause she needs to wear black, and she doesn't have one.. so is my couz.. unfortunately, the gown brought us a lot of trouble.. DX.. when my sis returned the gown, the old hag who owns the shop shouted at her, saying to my sis and couz that they are responsible for the holes on the gown of my couz (which we are not).. my sis is such a dork when talking to old ladies shouting shit, so she did not argue.. they want us to pay for it, but my sis don't have enough money so she went home with one of the shop's helpers.. but as expected from my sis and aunt, they did not give in to it.. so they talked to her.. or maybe fought with her,, LOL..
*my aunt talking
*hindi po namin babayaran yang gown na yan kase pangit po at wala lang choice yung bata dahil kinabukasan na ung sagala at kahit kailan po eh hindi na kame magrerent dyan sa tabang!..
*busy tone..
* me LOL
*we're not going to pay for that gown because it's ugly and the kid has no choice but to wear that piece of crap cause the parade is already the next day and never you'll see us again rent any gown from your stupid shop!


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