Thursday, May 28, 2009


my psp's been doing nothing these past few weeks, so i decided to download some games (thanks to mr. bitTorrent..).. but instead of downloading new games, what i dl-ed are old games from psx converted for psp.. and it's my favorite series ever.. SUIKODEN! anyone familiar with it? i remember beating the second game more than ten times.. seriously.. here is the opening sequence for suikoden 2..

might aswell share my favorite characters.. here they are, in random order..

Tenkai Star, Riou
the main protagonist in suikoden II.. my fave hero, my type of battle style too.. holds the bright shield rune, also my kind of rune..

Tenkan Star, Luc..
bearer of the true wind rune.. great mage, really.. he may look sissy, and is actually low in defense, but he still one of the coolest mage ever.. he speaks frankly, and is quite peevish, that's why i like him LOL.. he was a villain in the suikoden III though...

Tenei Star, Lyon..
guardian of the fifth suikoden's hero,. really cute lol.. plus she's gonna bear the twilight rune somewhere near the end of the game.. and she can attack five times in one turn.. cool huh?

Chikyou Star, Sagiri..
my favorite long range character.. she's actually great as a long range fighter, but there are more medium and short ranger fighter who are better.. the reason i put her on my party is because of her coolness with her fighting style (throws two kunais, can attack three times in one turn), and her past (an ex-assasin trained to always smile, regardless of how she feels..

Chikyu Star, Kasumi..
she's a ninja, need i say more? i love ninjas.. whoo!.. you get to choose between her and another character, who is better than her, but still i always choose her.. =']

Chitatsu Star, Viki..
the sole teleporter of the suikoden series.. love her.. she's so dumb, and really funny.. she got some good lines in all series, and a cute face to boot too.. =']

Chiketsi Star, Jeane..
again, the sole runemistress in the suikoden series.. ='].. a bit fuzzy though, her outfit's extremely.. low budgeted.. LOL..

Tensyo Star, Clive
don't you just love his toy? and furthermore, his story is great, and he even has his own sidequest in suikoden II..

stilll have a bunch of faves.. i'll just list them here..
p.s, i don't consider a character a fave because of there usefulness in the game..

my fave cause of their fighting styles are:

Wakaba (can't help it, i do taekwondo before.. XD..)
Sasuke(another ninja, throws a shuriken..)
Shigure(ex-assasin, ninja-liked..)
Raven(uses claws, like Kasumi, and wolverine LOL..)

my fave cause of their personality.. and attitudes.. or attitude problems maybe.. LOL..

Kyle(funny.. a playboy.. LOL..)

that's it for now,.. need to catch some sleep, it's past midnight now..



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