Sunday, May 31, 2009


hey yah! finally! after three days, i can blog,.. felt like years LOL... have to blog about lots of things, but i'd blog about the car show for now.. last saturday, that's may 30, an auto show was held at the Cabanas.. and my sis was invited by her friend to model some pepsi! yey! too bad they only need female models LOL kidding.. my sis and her friend Jannah wore some t-shirts with pepsi prints.. not their sizes though, so they have to knot it and let their tummy show.. got no choice but to let my sis do it so i stayed with her for a while.. then the good car's finally making a crowd, and i was like in paradise LOL.. i called my older sister so she could fetch my mom and dad at the airport (which i was supposed to do), so i could stay until the real show begins.. LOL.. i couldn't let this chance pass me by, so here are the pictures,. that's my sis in black and Jannah in the pink one.. =']

click the for a size fit for humans LOL..

this has got to be my fave pic.. my fave car during the show, a modified land cruiser..

great cars right? LOL.. gonna blog again later okay.. my mom's fixing my room now, she just got home from their Scandinavian cruise.. *drools.. ciao!


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