Monday, November 16, 2009

QUOTES: xxxHolic

I've been into reading a lot at Wikiquote for some time, might as well share some since i haven't done any posts for a long time.

From Wikiquote:
Yūko Ichihara: “It’s okay to be angry. If a person sacrifices himself to save another, then that person should know just what kind of scars that action leaves on the rescued person.” ~~ XXXHoLic Vol. 7 pg. 49

Yūko Ichihara: "Wishes.. Surely, if you keep wishing, they'll come true. That's how strong the power of people's wishing is. But, if you wish for someone's unhappiness, you'll also become unhappy, proportionally to the strenght of the wish. Those who feel they are unhappy now, are bitter towards someone and wish for someone's unhappiness." Chapter 156

Yūko Ichihara: "If you wish for revenge, an equally hard blow will be dealt back to yourself." Chapter 156

Yuko Ichihara: Our relationship has already been formed. No matter how trivial a meeting and the incidents that follow may seem a relationship is made even if it is just for a short amount of time. A knot has been tied does not unravel. It means that during your lifetime, every incident that passes has a meaning. The meeting between you and I also has a meaning, so I’ll remember it.

Learn to make your own decisions instead of relying on others to make them for you. Otherwise, those decisions will never really be made. - Yuuko*

My own excerpts(Chapters 165-168):
Two foods made exactly the same way - hers and your own.. But there's a differenece in them. - Yūko Ichihara

Just because you don't know of something doesn't mean it didn't happen. There are things that your body can know even if your heart doesn't. - Watanuki



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