Sunday, May 9, 2010


Two days ago, a few friends and I went to Mall of Asia for a "Mini Convention". There was supposed to be a huge cosplay event to happen a few kilometers from there, but for some reasons, it was postponed. But having seen some of our cosplayer friends on FB confirm that they will still be there for "No Kaisho!"(LOL), we decided to go as well.

We also had a fun shoot with two photo hobbyist we met from a previous photo shoot. Most of the shots were taken at the Seaside.

Here are some of our photos taken on our own cams.

For more shots, check my Facebook Account.

We portrayed Ryuji Takasu(Bojo Viron), Aisaka Taiga(Joni Rei Pablo), Yusaku Kitamura(Dion Michael Mendoza), and Kushieda Minori(Maricar Mendoza), all from "Toradora!".


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