Monday, July 6, 2009


it's Monday, so i have this Monday headache again.. school was sooooo uncool.. DX.. 'twas so hot, and the subjects are getting on my nerves.. really gave me a headache.. and did i mention how uncool is school? XD..

two days ago, some of friends and i went to SM Pampanga to watch a movie and hang-out a bit.. played some piano in Lyric, fooled around at the arcade, and watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen..

***WARNING! spoiler alert..***

love the movie, but there is just too many holes on the plot.. also noticed some mistakes like sudden appearances of characters in transitions.. and i also thought they spoiled the ending.. Optimus was too strong at the end, that he doesn't need anything but sheer power to win.. not as thrilling as his first fight with Megatron and Starscream, the one when he died.. and what i really hate is that they leave me no clue of where the hell did my favorite twin has gone too at the end.. DX..


when i got home, my sis asked me if i can come with them to Cabanas to eat and have coffee.. i was not really in shape at that time, i was already exhausted and i still need to do my homework, so i declined.. but when her friend, Jen, did the asking, i could not resist.. XD.. she really means a lot to me, even now that she is taken.. ='[..

they ate at a coffe shop/restaurant, after meeting up with yet two of my sis' friends... or something like that.. dun remember the name of the resturant.. they're too many of it in there, and i dun have time to memorize them all.. XD.. only drank frap.. after they ate, we hanged-out a bit outside the chain of restaurants and bats.. we accidentally came across with an acquaintance so we overstayed there a bit, good thing we didn't scolded.. but thanks to him my sis realized she didn't paid part of our bill.. LOL.. pictures up next..

that was my sis and Jen..

now with Joy and Jeanne..

yours truly, with Jen.. XD..

Sunday, my siblings and i are supposed to go to my church together, for the first time ever.. but then, my mom said that we should stand by a bit and see if my other sis gives birth finally (she's been at the hospital for like, 4 or 5 days).. i was a bit pissed, but it went well, since my sis did gave birth that afternoon..

welcome to the world, baby Keira!.. =']

i dun remember blogging or even mentioning that we have a new dog.. she was given to us by one of a relatives, a cross breed of a poodle and japanese whatever-word-it-is.. i got a hold of my dad's laptop cause he asked me to fix it, so grab the opportunity to blog and take some pic with our dog... her name is Kim btw.. forgive my for my ugliness.. DX

and for the big finale..

brace yourselves..

it's gonna be tight..

there's gonna be extreme inhuman ugliness...


LOL LOL.. what the heck,.. i didn't realize i caught this ugly guy with his dog until i reviewed the pictures.. did something bit me? LOL..



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