Monday, July 13, 2009


yey! we got a new dog!

his name is toby.. he is kim's half-brother LOL..

kim is always jealous of him.. really funny watching them play together and piss each other off LOL..

last week's a bit toxic, i did exams on electronics, eng'g materials, and differential equations.. i think the exam on electronics was as hard as DE.. i wasn't able to review for the earlier it felt i'd fail.. DX..

just a while ago, my classmates and i are at another classmate's house.. we got four hours vacant time so we stayed there for a while.. it's where i did our homework, a half-wave rectifier,. it's just a prototype i guess, since our professor instructed us to use terminal strips instead of printed circuit boards..

and also, i was envious of classmate's upright piano.. it is a black kawai.. DX.. played there a bit, i grabbed the opportunity to play on a piano that isn't out tune like mine.. XD..

gotta go now.. ciao!..


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